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Italian style: secret concerts at exclusive venues

Sometimes, though, music lovers prefer more intimate venues, in order to experience the show from up close. 

This is why a type of musical event attended by a small number of people - at most 100 - is becoming increasingly popular. The singer is hosted at a private home or small urban space: the secret concert.

Italian Style: secret concerts in exclusive locations

The secret concert is popular all over the world, but the Italian touch for events that are held in Italy's largest cities is truly unique. Guests are often invited to bring along homemade food, to be shared with the other spectators before and after the musical performance.

During a secret concert in Italy, we eat together, chat with the other guests and share the beauty of our favorite music in the privacy of a living room, as if it were a run-of-the-mill tavern, in the extraordinary atmosphere of an art gallery.


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