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The pleasure of conviviality at home

Any occasion works: a special dinner, the Sunday lunch with your family or an informal buffet with friends. Organizing a moment of conviviality for those we love is always a pleasure.

Typical Italian Mediterranean dishes

In Italy, eating together is a solid tradition that has ancient origins, and sharing on your table translates in the aim of being together, and to offer the best of you, bonding around food.

The table manners are very different among the world’s countries, but what brings closer all the traditions is the aim to offer a delightful experience to the guests, surrounding them with beauty, good taste and cheerfulness.

Simple menù with S.Pellegrino PET bottle

S.Pellegrino created the PET range dedicated to at home consumption to help you offer your guests a touch of Italian style and fine dining in every occasion even when the menu’s pretty simple.

PET bottle of S.Pellegrino sparkling water

S.Pellegrino, among the wide range of PET formats, created three different types of bottle so that you can satisfy all the guests you’lle invite at your table at once: 750 cl, 1 l and 1,25 l. All the PET bottles recall the iconic Vichy S.Pellegrino glass bottle, and they’ve been created to preserve the characteristics that make the S.Pellegrino sparkling water unique: the distinct perlage, the mineral aroma and the freshness of its taste.


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