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The mellow autumn mood

In September the muggy summer heat gives way to a fresh, caressing breeze: the autumn air is a transitional one. Some consider it to be the finest season of the year for its mild weather and blazing colours. An interim phase in which nature slows down its pace and seems to invite you to do the same. Possibly by taking advantage of the fine weather and mild temperatures to get out your bike and pedal across a carpet of rustling leaves.

In Autumn, in fact, everything is more leisurely and time seems to dilate: so why not join this slow dance of nature? The peak of this transitional phase is the Autumn equinox (in 2015 it will fall on 23 September), when we officially say farewell to the summer.

And this change of season brings new products to our tables: grapes and figs start to appear, along with the first truffles, walnuts and mushrooms, to name but a few. We experience a renewed desire for heartier flavours, to enjoy in a more leisurely fashion. While the sun sets earlier to welcome in the night. 


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