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A trip out of town: a day in perfect Italian Style

Whether immersed in a luxuriant natural environment or in the unique charm of a small town, what counts most is the search for an authentic and tasteful experience to share with friends. Here are the ingredients for a perfect day.

Italian picnic with S.Pellegrino sparkling water

In the perfect Italian lifestyle, past and present mingle harmoniously in everything you encounter: this is why a trip out of town is called “a trip out of doors" in the Italian language, to remind us that all cities used to have walls that marked the boundary with the surrounding countryside and woodland areas, but also to demonstrate that nature is close at hand, just beyond the domestic threshold. There is no end to the unforgettable sparkling moments you can enjoy with your friends and S.Pellegrino to live every day in good taste.

eating in a trattoria

In fact, you just have to go a few kilometres to reach the small villages dotting the hills, mountain slopes or coasts, places that still live off the land or continue to engage in ancient crafts with the slow, relaxing pace of nature. Think about picnics in the vineyards, by the seaside or sitting at tables under the pergola of a “trattoria”.

An experience in which beauty, passion, nature and taste come together with a sense of vitality, in perfect Italian style and in sparkling company with S.Pellegrino.


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