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In 2009, Acqua Panna and S.Pellegrino underscored both their commitment in the field of quality gastronomy and the deep bond with the event by presenting a new look, released in a limited edition of 2000 pieces. A bottle with a pure white background that enhanced the distinctive symbols of the most famous mineral water in the world - the S.Pellegrino Star and the Acqua Panna Lily. In 2010, the Exclusive collection designed for S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna featured the serigraphy of the Casino on the S.Pellegrino bottle, to represent the period of S.Pellegrino’s greatest splendour, and the serigraphy of the Fountain on Acqua Panna bottle, representing Villa Panna, a beautiful villa in Tuscany formerly owned by the Medici family. The two special bottles are then fittingly awarded to the winners chefs for their outstanding contribute in the world of fine dining, as if they were Oscars.