Terroir and source
Terroir and source
Terroir and source
Terroir and source




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Underground journey

An estimated 30-year journey inside the earth: during this route, S.Pellegrino water is mineralized through contact with the underground rocks – along its way, it becomes naturally enriched with 14 mineral salts, including the essential calcium and magnesium - and is heated by geothermal gradient. After its long travel through the layers of the aquifer and thanks to additional carbon dioxide (originating from a natural mine), S.Pellegrino water acquires its sparkling personality and signature “perlage”. This added CO2 - perfectly balanced - provides acidity and prolongs the now sparkling water’s enjoyable gustatory and olfactory sensation, finishing with a slightly bitterish note, which gives it the unequivocal personality and taste that have made it famous and unmistakable throughout the world.