S. Pellegrino Taste
S. Pellegrino Taste
S. Pellegrino Taste




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Natural mineral water

Natural mineral water forms below the earth’s surface, creating a source with recognized properties favorable to health. As it flows underground, the water undergoes changes in its physical and chemicals composition, acquiring truly inimitable traits by mean of the dissolution of the surrounding rocks. One of natural mineral water’s unique characteristics is its own purity, warranted by the inaccessibility of its source that, sheltered and protected from any surface pollution, ensures its continuing bacteriological and chemical top quality. Minerals are absorbed naturally as water flows through geological formations to its source (the level and relative proportions of minerals and trace elements at the point of emergence from the source is constant). Mineral water is bottled at the source, without additional processing - it does not undergo any kind of treatment and/or filtering. Natural mineral water is the purest category of water because it comes naturally from a specific place in nature.