The pairing arena
The pairing arena
The pairing arena
The pairing arena
The pairing arena




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Water Tasting

Performing a water tasting means committing all of the senses at our disposal to classifying its merits and flaws through systematic analysis. Therefore, the ultimate objectives of water tasting are numerous: learning to appreciate this beverage, drinking it with the aim of perceiving its qualities, being able to select which one would be best matched with wine and food, and, last but not least, being able to describe it so that we may speak of it with competence and knowledge.

1. First assessment of freshness: once you open the bottle, pour water in the appropriate glass and take a generous sip.

2. Visual analysis: raise the glass to eye level and then lower it so as to observe the water from above. Horizontal and vertical evaluations of the water will allow for the identification of any foreign particles or abnormal colours and lost effervescence of sparkling water.

3. Olfactory approach: raise the glass up under your nose and breathe in deeply at regular intervals. This step is to be repeated several times. If possible, it is to be done with one's eyes shut in order to raise one's concentration as much as possible so to obtain olfactory responses even in the presence of a single aroma molecule.

4. Gustative analysis: take a sip and allow it to rest on the tongue, then distribute it throughout the mouth. Lead the water to the back portion of the tongue and swallow. This process allows for the evaluation of acidity, sapidity, structure, lightness and mouth feel.