The pairing arena
The pairing arena
The pairing arena
The pairing arena




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Water Service

Every detail of water service must be done with great attention and care: below are few important guidelines to follow, at home as well as at the restaurant, for a perfect water serving.

The mise en place, that is, the accurate setting of the table, requires great attention and precision. Two different water glasses may be used, one for still and the other for sparkling water. These are placed above the place card or above the napkin, somewhat separated from the wine glasses.

The water should be presented in the original glass container and not decanted into a carafe, as this would lead it to lose some of its organoleptic properties. It is necessary to ensure that the bottle of water is perfectly intact and clean. The proper serving temperature for S.Pellegrino is 8-10°C.

For S.Pellegrino sparkling water the glass should ideally have a narrow rim. This holds back the bubbling created by the carbonation, controls the flow of the liquid onto the taste buds and generate a feeling of freshness. This type of glass also serves to concentrate the drink’s aroma, which complements and balances wines with high alcohol and tannin content and a strong bouquet.