The pairing arena
The pairing arena
The pairing arena
The pairing arena
The pairing arena
The pairing arena




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Food and wine harmonization

You will be surprised by the amazing richness of epicurean experiences with water. Sipped in succession with wine, the minerals, texture and acidity of bottled water could influence its feel and enjoyment. That is why the process of pairing a wine with a complementary water is referred to as harmonizing. Food and wine interact to impart different taste characteristics through each other, while water is meant to cleanse the palate to enhance the interacting traits of food and wine. The fundamental rule in achieving and optimizing pleasure in dining is that the flavour of the water, wine, or food should not prevail one over the other. S.Pellegrino water is meant to be paired with full-bodied wines rich in tannins and high in acid so the two liquids do not impose on each other. And foods heavy in flavour and structure should be paired with water and wine of these characteristics.

“S.Pellegrino is brilliant, lacking in any distracting odour, with a fairly dense perlage of reasonably fine bubbles in abundance. The immediate impression on the taste buds is one of tingling freshness, followed by moderate acidity that stimulates salivation, while the high mineral content leaves a pleasant aftertaste. For its unique properties, nowadays S.Pellegrino enjoys International renown.”

Giuseppe Vaccarini, Best Sommelier of the World 1978