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A Sparkling Performer

Preferred by VIP and celebrities around the world, it is chosen by distinguished international productions, movie stars and famous directors. S.Pellegrino sparkling water’s excellent quality and true Italian ‘verve’ make it a true, Italian-style symbol. S.Pellegrino has long become an international icon of all-Italian lifestyle and quality on TV and on the Silver Screen. An Official Partner of the Cannes Film Festival since 2009, as a matter of fact S.Pellegrino’s successful connection with the visual arts dates back to 1960, on the debut of late great Italian director Federico Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita” - the legendary Oscar-winning movie where the most memorable scene is framed by the rushing water of the Trevi Fountain, and the S.Pellegrino Red Star shines in the background. The same Red Star shines today on the small screen as well, notably in highly successful TV series like Sex and the City, Doctor House and Eli Stone, confirming S.Pellegrino’s prestige as a status symbol around the world.